Friday, October 24, 2014

A new way to measure rainfall

Now I have a new way in which to measure rainfall-  
not in inches, but in time: How long will it take me to bail a dory before I can row it? 

Dory full of rainwater after a few days of stormy fall weather here in Gloucester, MA.....

...and after half an hour of steady bailing.

UPDATE:  December 10, 2014
After another few days of rain, I had company this morning when I went to the docks to see about bailing...Alex, a fellow member of the Gloucester International Dory Racing Committee, brought his hand pump.

I prefer hand-bailing with a sturdy re-used plastic bottle.

Bailing, bailing, gone!

and another update: February, 2015: A new way to measure SNOWFALL!

6-8 inches of slush-water under the snow

Since the dories are kept in the water year-round, the snow and slush has to be removed as well as the rainwater,  so that they will be ready to row on a good winter day.