Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scared the Daylights Out of Me!

I thought I'd take myself for a nice autumn walk in the woods this morning.
(Prospect Hill, Rowley, MA)

Making my way up a steep hill with my eyes on the uneven ground, I  looked up and gulped when I saw this scary water tower looming.  I was really frightened for a moment, right there in broad daylight.

Then I went to find a nicer place to hike. (Old Town Hill, Newbury, MA)

That's Plum Island and the Atlantic Ocean peeking up to the left of the tree, which was the only one left standing afer a winter windstorm ( February 2010 ) blew down all the trees at the top of Old Town Hill.

Some people would look at this nice clearing with a spectacular view and think: "New construction!" 
Not me.   I look at it and think, "Thank you to all the do-gooders (Trustees of the Reservations) who have saved this land for EVERYONE to enjoy."

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