Saturday, March 15, 2014

Rowing the Grand Banks Dory in Gloucester Harbor

You may think that winter is not the best time to start learning how to row a dory off the coast of New England,

but you don't always get to choose when an opportunity like this will present itself.

A warm day with calm seas and no wind can be the perfect time to go rowing, especially in winter, when there are few other boats in the harbor.

Kind and patient friends (Peter Parsons, James Tarantino and Hilary Frye) invite me to row with them as a "dory mate."

I'd much rather row than sit there as ballast in the boat.  I'm slowly learning how to handle the two oars evenly and make the boat go where I want it to.

Staying warm is not a challenge when you are working hard to help move a 400-pound boat.

                                                                                                                                                                photo by Peter Parsons
rowing with Hilary Frye just as a snow was starting. photo by Peter Parsons

And just look what I get to see!


Ten Pound Island, Gloucester (MA) Harbor 
photo by Peter Parsons
a snowy owl! 
photo by Peter Parsons 

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