Friday, May 22, 2015

God Bless the Taxi Men of Dublin

 Dublin taxi men in O'Connell Street, April 2013

A young friend in Dublin, Sarah Murphy, just posted this on facebook:

Taxi men of Dublin kicking  people out of their cars who say they're a NO vote. A sounder chap I've never met. "Sure where would I be driving him?  He can walk if he's so sure he knows where we're going." 

Sarah has been working day and night canvassing Dublin neighborhoods for a YES vote on marriage equality for Ireland.  If I could vote in Ireland I'd be with her. If it weren't for Sarah and her friend Tom Lawlor's generous hospitality, I wouldn't have the wonderful memories I do of the neighborhoods of Dublin...

Memorial to the taxi drivers of Dublin, O'Connell Street. 

I forgive every single misspelling and typo.

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