Friday, May 22, 2015

It Never Gets Old

Rowing (for me, anyway) never gets old. I row for fun, and it keeps me from getting old before my time.

I don't have to do it every day to make a living. I don't need to row a dory across the harbor in all kinds of weather to do my shopping or get to school, as dory-rowers have done here for 150 years.  I row
recreationally, as a member of the Gloucester International Dory Racing Committee. I don't even race- I just cheer on those who do. It costs me only $77 a year- the cheapest way to "own" a boat in Gloucester!

Gloucester Harbor on a weekday morning. Paint Factory (Ocean Alliance nonprofit research center) on the left, Ten Pound Island on the right. 

Every time I untie one of the dories and row it away from the dock, it's a new kind of fun. Here's another rower making his way around the famous Greasy Pole off Pavilion Beach yesterday, practicing for races next weekend.

(Turn down the sound to avoid the annoying noise of construction of an oversized and incongruous luxury hotel in the middle of Gloucester's historic Fort neighborhood. ) 

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